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兼ねる [かねる] (kaneru)
    Meaning: hesitate to, cannot, hard to do
    Example: その点は賛成しかねる。/ I am unable to agree on that point.
    JLPT Level: 2
    Category: grammar
    Author: dc

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= i hestitate/don't want to say...
eg "I hesitate to say this, but please don't come to the party"

言い難い ( いいがたい )
= this is hard to say
eg "It's hard to say what he was thinking..."
Verb-masu stem

言います > 言いかねます 言いかねる

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ex #223   言いかねる  
find it hard to say  
ex #224   たまりかねる 
find it hard to bear (something any longer)  
ex #340   こんな高価な贈り物、頂きかねます。 
I cannot accept such an expensive gift.  
ex #516   彼女に本当の事言いかねて彼はだまった 
he found it hard to say the truth to her, and remained silent.  
ex #3155   そのことについては、即答しかねます。 sokutou-suru 
I find it hard to respond to that matter immediately  
ex #3390   こういう事情ですから、残念ながら、せっかくのご招待をお受けいたしかねるのです。  
As such is the case, I am sorry I can't accept your kind invitation.  
ex #3391   その点は賛成しかねる 
I cannot agree with you on that point  
ex #3392   一年間で浪費するはした金がいくらになるか、だれにも決めかねる 
No one can determine the amount of pin - money we waste in a year.  
ex #3393   彼女の態度は少々腹にすえかねる 
I find her manner a little hard to take.  
ex #6854   その意見に賛成とは言いかねます 
I am unable to agree with that opinion.  
ex #6855   労働条件の変更について会社から説明を受けたが、私はどうも納得しかねる 
I received an explanation from my Company about the changes in the working conditions, but I really hesitate to agree with them.  
ex #6856   面接試験ではどんな質問が出るのかと聞かれたが、そのようなことを聞かれてもちょっと答えかねる 
In the oral examination, every question coming forth have been heard, but even if I heard the question, I hesitate a little to respond.  
ex #8203   そんな方法には賛成し兼ねる 
I can't approve such methods.  
ex #8204   髪をもっと短く切ろうかどうか決め兼ねている。 
I can`t decide whether or not to cut my hair shorter.  
ex #8556   今日は晴天だから、雷雨がありかねる。 
Today because the sunny weather,it's hard to rain storm.  

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AmatukaFormed from Verb -masu base + kaneru
Note that kaneru conjugates as a normal verb (e.g. かねた、かねます etc are possible)
Vm = Verb -masu base
dcSnake said >
this is just like a stronger version of gatai then?
言い難い - hard to say
言い兼ねる - can't say (because it is so hard to)

but i guess, iigatai isn't a verb is it, it's more like an adjective.. how about 'iigatai ga suru' or something (k so i made that up but...^_^)
dcii-kaneru seems to have a particularly japanese feeling, something like "well, i don't really want to say that, but... (its true)".

Like, I hesitate to say this, but I must.

But hopefully a japanese native can clear up the difference some more.

dc分かりーかねる was also explained as what people at depato stores are taught to say to customers. If someone asks "do you sell X" and you absolutely know you don't sell it, you cannot say that. No, instead it's far better to waste the customer's time and pretend to look for it, and then say "wakari-kaneru" so they don't know. Maybe then they might buy something else while waiting? 
bamboo4いいかねる (not いい兼ねる) and 言い難い has different nuance. The former is subjective, in that you "hesitate to say" whereas the latter means "it is hard to say" and thus principally objective, even though in such expression as 必ずしも言い難い(not necessarily can be said) may not necessarily objective. 
dcthanks! pls review "note" at top... 
your name言い難い is also read as いいにくい。this is more casual than 言いかねる。
bamboo4Agree that 言いにくい is more casual in a situation such as こんなこと言いにくいのですが、パーティに来ないでくれませんか = I hesitate to say this, but please don't come to the party. 
kupokomapaFrom a native Japanese teacher I know that にくい is mostly for object characteristics and 難い is for human thinking. So the above comment is not really true. 
slopethiswayIn casual conversation you'll hear いいにくい used all over the place. Learn both!

彼女に本当の事を言い かねて彼はだまった
He said nothing, it was too hard to tell her the truth.

No one can determine the amount of money wasted in a year.

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