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可能性 [かのうせい] (kanousei)
    Meaning: Existence of possibility
    Example: It could explode.
    JLPT Level: 3
    Category: grammar
    Author: Amatuka

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ex #743   再発の可能性が少しあります。 
There's a slight possibility of a recurrence.  
ex #751   生物兵器テロの可能性が高い感染症について 
Concerning terrorist biological weapons with high infection risk.  
ex #752   UFO説は少し可能性が低いとされている。 
UFO theory is held to be rather low probability .  
ex #753   ほとんど可能性がないといってもいいのですが, 
You can pretty much say that there is no chance [of that occuring] but,  
ex #754   そのことをきっかけにして事件に巻き込まれる可能性がなきにしもあらずだと思います。 
You can't escape the possibility that this fact could be used as an opportunity to get [them] mixed up in a [dangerous] incident.  

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  • osoregaaru    (可能性 can also be used for 'nice' outcomes but おそれがある is generally for 'nasty' possibilities.) [Amatuka]
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AmatukaOften 可能性が高い and similar phrases. 
MikiYou can just say 可能性がある。Don't need to say how mcuh possibility there is.
全く/ほとんど 可能性がない。可能性がなきにしもあらず。
Anybody pls translate them.
AmatukaYou're working me hard. ;-)
What do you think of those translations - close enough?
MikiAs for the seconde example, if English is correct, Japanese word order is wrong.
生物兵器テロの 可能性 が高い感染症について →
高い感染症の可能性のある 生物兵器テロについて
MikiIf the Japanese correct, English would be...
Concerning infection could be used by terrorist biological weapons.
Not sure. Please correct the English.
dadakobecause the key word here is RISK, you'll still have to keep that in the sentance Miki:
"Concerning terrorist biological weapons, there's a high risk of infection." sounds very natural in English.
yookosoSilly question perhaps, but is this really grammar? Seems like just a vocabulary word to me... 
Mikiyookoso, you are right. I didn't mind if this is grammar or not.
Anyway, let's finish. English is correct. With RISK, how about this? 生物兵器テロについて、感染症の高い危険性がある。
dci guess this isn't real grammar, but i find it a very often used _construct_, so put it in. I use it a lot (working in the realm of the near-possible)
可能性がある (there is a possibilty that...)
可能です (is possible...)
are two separate ways of using the phrase that took a while to get used to.
PaulThe second Japanese example is a sentence fragment, and a better translation would probably be:

"Regarding the high risk of a terrorist biological weapon spreading an infectious disease, ... "

The other translations given sound clumsy.
MikiI found a site used the Japanese sentence. I think 生物兵器テロとして用いられる可能性が高い感染症について is better as an example here. Concerning infections used with high possibility as bioterrorism agents/disease かな?
jokuahらずだ - I was not able to use any tool to translate or explain this phrase 

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