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かのようだ [かのようだ] (kanoyouda)
    Meaning: like, as if (metaphor)
    Example: he looked as if he knew nothing about it
    JLPT Level: 2
    Category: grammar
    Author: dc

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ex #227   かれは全てを知っているのになにも知らないかのような顔をしている 
He knew everything, but he made a face as if he didn't know anything about it.  
ex #304   まるで生きているかのようだ。 
seems like it is alive.  
ex #3793   彼はまるで父親に会ったことがないかのようだ 
It seems like he has never met his father before.  
ex #4072   あなたはなぜ彼のことをまるで老人であるかのように話すのか。  
Why do you talk about him as if he were an old man.  
ex #4073   あの人はまるで私を知っているかのようにおじぎをしているわ。  
That man bows to me as if he knew me. [F]  
ex #4074   その子供はまるで大人であるかのような話し方をする。  
The child talks as if he were an adult.  
ex #4075   その男の子は、自分がまるで偉大な学者であるかのような話し方をする。  
The boy talks as if he were a great scholar.  
ex #6747   赤いドレスの彼女がほほえむと美しい花が開いたかのようだった 
When she smiled in her red dress, it was like if a beautiful flower was opening.  
ex #6748   まだ三月の初めなのにとても暑い。まるで夏になったかのようだ 
Even if we are only at the beginning of March, the weather is very hot. It's as if summer has already come.  
ex #6976   彼女はまるで徹夜をしたかのようなをしていました。 
Her face looks as if she spent the whole night awake.  
ex #7409   この集会は下記のように開催されます。 
This gathering will be held as follows.  
ex #8210   我が家の屋根裏部屋は蒸し風呂のようだ。 
Our attic is like [(as) warm as] an oven.  
ex #8211   彼女はやり手のようだ 
She looks (like) an able woman.  

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dcoften goes along with marude まるで "as if" 
anonWhat is the difference between かのようだ and のようだ or just ようだ? 
dcようだ is a very literal "like" something:
> This meat tastes like chicken.

かのうよう is usually more metaphorical
> she is like a princess

please also see marude which is often used in the same sentence.

can a japanese native speaker please confirm this?
MMMy book on JLPT grammar describes ーかのようだ as "ようだ" より強い 
AlexThe kanji for "meet" in ex #3793 is wrong, should be に会ったことがない 
dcalex - pls fix? 
emilyjunoAlex, you should be able to edit these yourself. Just click on the edit link on the right-hand side of the example. I fixed the one you mentioned. However, I was wondering and maybe someone can comment, couldn't 「彼はまるで父親に合ったことがないかのようだ。」mean that they have never gotten a long? 合うcan mean something like "mesh well" can't it?  
ahbonkAccording to my Kanzen Master book, the difference between かのようだ and just ようだ is that in the case of かのようだ, it's not actually true but it just seems like it.

So for example, if you see the boss' packed schedule this month, you can't say:

社長は来月忙しいかのようだ。 x Wrong
社長は来月忙しいようだ。 o Right

Here's the excerpt from the book:

(意味) 実際にはそうではないが、〜のようだ。

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