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から〜まで [から〜まで] (kara-made)
    Meaning: from ... until
    Example: from spring until autumn
    JLPT Level: 4
    Category: grammar
    Author: dc

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from (time/place) to (time/place)

there are other time/place descriptors like niwatatte and otsuujite but these all just take one place. kara-nikakete has a start and ending.

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ex #243   今年の秋から来年まで3Gが主戦場になる 
From this Autumn to next year 3G will be the central battlefield  
ex #470   からまでは、秋味と呼ばれる鮭の旬です。 
The period from autumn to winter is the season of the 'autumn flavour' salmon.  
ex #4350   彼は腰からひざまでびしょぬれになった。 
He got drenched from the waist to the knees.  
ex #4362   我が国の商社は世界をまたまで商売をする。 
Our trading companies do business all over the world. まで  
ex #5931   今週末から来週まで大蔵大臣は中国を訪問する嵐閧セ。 
The Minister of Finance is scheduled to visit China from this weekend to early next week.  

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AmatukaNB. '3G' as in mobile phone technology. 
hatsumomoso its basically the same as 'made' - right? 
MikiYes but nuance is different.
When you use "made", the end of time/place is very clear. While "nikakete" is the end is ambiguous.
Miki#5391 文字化け mojibake していますよ。嵐閧セ。 may be 予定。 
sagittariusisn't #4362 a different grammar point? 

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