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からいうと [からいうと] (karaiuto)
    Meaning: from the standpoint of
    Example: from the grammar point of view, chinese is easy
    JLPT Level: 2
    Category: grammar
    Author: dc

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noun + からいうと
-からいえば/-からいって are also used instead of -からいうとbutthe meaning is same


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ex #611   価格から言えば日本の方が高い。 
On the basis of prices, Japan is more expensive.  
ex #3431   エコロジーの視点からいうと、南極は観光や商業的な探索ではなく、研究のみに利用されるべきである。 
From the standpoint of ecology, Antarctica should be reserved solely to research, not to tourism or to commercial exploration.  
ex #3432   建築デザインの立場からいうと、このアプローチにはもっと多くの代案が考えられる。  
From the standpoint of architectural design, there can be more alternatives to this approach.  
ex #6368   文法からいうと、ロシア語ほど難しい言葉はない。 
From the standpoint of grammar, there is no more difficult language than Russian.  
ex #6956   現状から言って、直ちにその計画を実行するのは無理だ。 
From the existing state, it is impossible to realize this project immediately.  
ex #6957   からいうと、彼女がミス日本になると思います。 
Judging by her face, I think she will become the next Miss Japan.  

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dcThis is a bit like "point of view" but more based on an angle of the problem than the viewer. 
JordiSo, it's just like [上]?
計算から言えばこれで正しい is a correct sentence?
MikiYes, it is. You can also say like 計算上(で)は、これで正しい。hmm it's just like 上. 
your nameis that 上 a uede or jyoude ? I guess from the example it is uede, which i thought was more "upon" than "based on" - ie implying a careful thought and conclusion. whereas "based on" is more like a conclusion is obvious, based on the information... is there that same difference in japanese or are they the same? 
Miki計算上(jou)(で)は、or 計算の上(ue)では 
MikiPlease see uede.
I don't think からいうと implys a careful thought and conclusion.
bamboo4計算から言えばこれで正しい is somewhat awkward - 計算からするとこれで正しい is preferable. 
razortmI think #6368 meant to say 言語 instead of 言葉 
tigerthey razortm, I`ve heard 言語 and 言葉 both used to mean language. 

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