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からには [からには] (karaniha)
    Meaning: so long as, since
    Example: so long as I am a woman
    JLPT Level: 2
    Category: grammar
    Author: dc

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Can be written as からには or からは. 

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ex #591   やると決めたからには最後までやれ 
So long as you commit yourself to do it, stick with it to the very end.  
ex #592   パリに行ったからには絶対エッフェル塔に昇りたい 
Seeing as I went (came) to Paris, I absolutely want to go up the Eiffel Tower.  
ex #595   他国を侵略したからにはその責任をとるべきだ。 
Having intruded into another country, one has to take responsibilty for it.  
ex #597   女として生まれたからには綺麗でいたい 
Since I was born as a woman, I want to be pretty.  
ex #4917   約束したからには、守っていただきます。守らなければ死んでもらいます。 
As/in that you have made a promise, please keep it. If you don't, die for me.  
ex #5933   試合に出るからには、勝ちたい。 
Since I am going for match, I would like to win.  
ex #5934   約束したからには、守らなければいけない。 
Since I have made a promise, I must keep it.  

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AmatukaNeed some details of the difference between 'からには' and 'から' 
dc強調 - emphasis only... 
dcsee also node 
bamboo4からには has the connotation of "since" or "so long as" or "Now that" which cannot be dispensed with simply as "because." 女性に生まれたからには has the connotation of "So long as I was born a woman" instead of "because." Also 女性に生まれたからには is an awkward expression. Say 女として生まれたからには.
dcnoted, changed. will also update the comments shortly 
PanI believe からは is synonymous with からには. 
bamboo4More accurately, "Since I was born as a woman, I want to be pretty" should be "So long as I was born a woman, I want to stay pretty".
lucinda lohmanootaIs the feeling or nuance of this similar to "As/so long as.....might as well??" 
lucinda lohmanootaAlso, my grammar indicates that the secondary clause often contains a duty, decision, recommendation, order or the like. 

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