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かたがた(旁) ([かたがた] )(katagata)
    Meaning: at the same time, incidentally;doing something while fulfilling different purposes at the same time 〜という別の目的も持って、あることをする
    Example: incidental to business, go sightseeing
    JLPT Level: 1
    Category: grammar
    Author: Amatuka

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ex #1117   仕事かたがた京都見物にゆく 
While on business, go sightseeing in Kyoto  
ex #5989   来春結婚する孫が、結婚の報告かたがた婚約者を連れてやってきた。 
My grandson, who is getting married next spring, has brought his fiancee with him to visit while bringing us news of his wedding.  
ex #6626   無事に卒業できたので、恩師に報告かたがた、手紙を書いた. 
She was able to graduate without any problems and so wrote a letter to thank her professor.  

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AmatukaRelevant grammar question #post68999>here. (Fourth post). 
bamboo4かたがた is interchangeable to 兼ねて 
AmatukaYeah, but 兼ねて takes a direct object particle - かたがた doesn't. 
dcwhats a direct object particle? it doesn't require a は・を after the item it relates to? 
bamboo4Amatuka means, for example, を in 仕事を兼ねて京都見物にゆく 
bamboo4I added "kanete" (兼ねて) in the grammar section, but I cannot edit it! 
reeceepeaceeDoes this mean that while doing X, you have the alternate motive of Y? I'm using 新完全マスターN1 and it says: 〜という別の目的も持って、ことをする。
To me, this makes it seems like that the difference between 〜かたがた and 〜ついでに,etc. is motive

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