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かと思うと [かとおもうと] (katoomouto-2)
    Meaning: When I think it may
    Example: When I think that it may continue this way I really get depressed.
    JLPT Level: 2
    Category: grammar
    Author: Amatuka

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ex #687   これからこの状態が続くのかと思うと落ち込んでしまう。 
When I think that this state may continue from now on I get really depressed.  
ex #688   今、自分が親にやってもらっていることをやらないといけないかと思うとぞっとします。 
When I think that now I may have to do those things my parents did for me it gives me the shivers.  
ex #706   イギリス人かと思ったらアメリカ人だって 
Just when I was thinking he was English, he said he was American  
ex #4614   クリスがどんなにむかつくかと思うと、頭が痛くなりそう。 
I fear I'm getting a headache thinking about how annoying Chris is.  

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AmatukaWhen you think [___] you get [certain feeling]. 
AmatukaI don't think that this usage is limited to かと思うと. と思うと probably has plenty of examples. 
dcoften this is used when a second, contradicting thought follows. 
AmatukaI don't think that last example is the same usage.
What the others have in common are
1. Continuing, every time type occurrence (e.g. When [every time] I think X ...)
2. The result is feeling / emotion related.

The third example is a) Past tense, once off.
b) The second half of the sentence /isn't/ the result of the first.
c) Isn't かおもうと but かおもったら
ExrulezKono joutai ha kono mama da to tsudzuku ka to omou to ochikonde shimau.
When i think this situation might continue on like this i get really depressed.
What do you guys think about how this sounds?
(roomaji de Gomen ne ^^')
ExrulezI think it doesn't need that "da to" in there hehe 
MikiWhen 'dato' is used, J would be この状態が(このまま)続くのだと思うと、落ち込んでしまう。
ちなみに、type tuduku で つづく、続く

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