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かわきりに, 皮切りに [かわきりに] (kawakirini)
    Meaning: beginning of, starting with
    Example: introduce the speech with a joke
    JLPT Level: 1
    Category: lesson
    Author: dc

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Ref # Kanzen Master Level 1 - p7 - no.10 

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ex #3536   冗談をかわきりに話をする。 
introduce the speech with a joke.  
ex #5719   「私の経験では」のような言葉を皮切りに話しを始めなさい。 
Begin statements with openers like, "In my experience, ...",  
ex #5720   札幌をかわきりに全国5箇所でセミナーを開催いたします。 
Starting from Sapporo, we hold seminars at five places across the contry.  
ex #8024   朝の連続ドラマに主演したのを皮切りに、彼女はスターへの道を歩み始めた 
After cutting her teeth starring in a morning drama, she began her path to becoming a star  
ex #8025   競技場では、100メートル競走を皮切りとして、次々に熱戦が繰り広げられた。 
At the stadium, starting with the hundred metre race, one fierce contest after another unfolded.  
ex #8026   今度の演奏会は、大阪を皮切りに、全国10カ所で行われる。  
This concert recital will commence in Osaka before touring 10 places nationwide.  

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    SARIRUFor #5720, Wo Hajime sounds more natural... 
    MikiIt may be so but the meaning is the same. kawakiri maybe used rather in speech or in written form. 
    bambo4#3536 冗談をかわきりに話をする is a bit odd. 話をする shold be changed to 話を始める.

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