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代わりに [かわりに] (kawarini-2)
    Meaning: to make up for, in exchange for
    Example: .. but to make up for it I will work later
    JLPT Level: 2
    Category: grammar
    Author: dc

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see kawaru-group for explanation and similar items 
(Verb)た + 代わりに (B) -
An action has taken place and in order to make up for that someody does (B).
I taught Tom Japanese, so (to make up for it) he taught me English

(Adj) い + 代わりに
(Adj) な + 代わりに
This is like が、けれど、しかし etc, but has the added meaning of compensation or balancing.
e.g. アパートは高い代わりに便利だった
The apartment was expensive but it was convenient
(in a way that makes the expensiveness of the seem not as bad)

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ex #1167   昼間遊ぶ代わりに夜勉強するつもりだ。 
I am going to enjoy myself in the daytime, but to make up for it I intend to study at night.  
ex #4616   お金は健康の代わりにはならない。 
You cannot substitute money for health.  
ex #6483   この 部屋 は 狭い かわりに、 家賃 が 安い.  
This apartment (room) is small, but the rent is cheap.  
ex #7015   この辺は静かな代わりに店も遠くて不便だ   
This area is quiet, but (instead) it's inconvenient because the shops are far away.  
ex #8221   校長先が病気になった私たちの先生の代わりをした。 
The principal substituted for our teacher who was ill.  

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bluntcrayonthe ex #1167 is not the right form for this one. It belongs in the kawari ni (1) section).
The subordinate clause should be in past tense for it to convey "in order to make up for it".
so should be 昼間遊んだ代わりに夜勉強するつもりだ。

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