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気が付いた [きがついた] (kigatsuita)
    Meaning: I realized
    Example: natto is tasty, I realized
    JLPT Level: 1
    Category: grammar
    Author: dc

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See also kigasuru.

kigasuru - feels like

kigatsuku - i noticed
kidsuku - i realized

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ex #379   納豆は美味しいと気が付いた 
Natto is tasty I realized.  
ex #3120   気がついたら病院のベッドに横たわっていた。 
When I came to, I was lying down on a hospital bed.  
ex #6920   公園のベンチにかばんを置き忘れたことに今気がついた 
I just realized that I forgot my satchel in a bench of the park.  
ex #6921   彼が好きになったのに気が付いた 
I realized that I liked him  

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AmatukaThat was the wrong つく (fixed) 
hennagaijinI'm told that you must say:
Can anyone comment on that?
anna.kendallYeah I think the above is right concerning a verb, VERBたいのに気がついた 
DarrkangelActually, for a verb, it's the verb + の or こと+に気が付いた。 
赤毛I think this entry should be 気が付いた rather than と気が付いた. Maybe rather JPLT1 than JPLT2 too. If somebody agree with it, I will change the entry. 
tigertHey 赤毛、 I agree with you. the と in 納豆が美味しいと気が付いた is a quotation marker. it is the same と used in 納豆が美味しいと思います. but it has nothing to do with the second 気が付ける。

I think there should also be a note about the diffrence between 気が付ける and 気を付ける their meanings are completely diffrent. the first being "I realized" and the second being "being safe" or "taking care"

well thats my two yen lol じゃね
赤毛Thanks Tigertさん. I changed the entry and the level. 
lonesoullostWhat about also adding 気づく to the same entry? They mean the same. 

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