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きっかけに [きっかけに] (kikkakeni)
    Meaning: Since; Take the opportunity afforded by 〜 to 〜
    Example: Since I was moving, I also took the chance to buy new furniture.
    JLPT Level: 2
    Category: grammar
    Author: dc

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see simultaneous-actions-group for comparisons 
used when a major event created an opportunity for something else at the same time.
"on moving to paris, i decided to learn french".
tsuideni and other phrases are a more casual "at the same time as A, I did B".
N + をきっかけに・きっかけとして・きっかけにして

(*Note: you always need を after the noun.)
since he was out, she took the opportunity to hide it. 

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ex #339   引っ越しをきっかけに家具を買いかえた。 
while moving I took the chance to change (LIT buy different) my furniture.  
ex #1144   子供が生まれたのをきっかけにタバコを止めました 
Since I had kids, I took the opportunity to quit smoking  
ex #5418   この事件をきっかけに  
with this case as a start  
ex #5718   日本に住んでいるきっかけに生け花の伝統的な芸道を勉強しています。 
Since I am in Japan, I am studying the traditional art of flower arrangement.  
ex #6497   そのことをきっかけに彼は写真に夢中になった。 
That was what led him into becoming very consumed with photography.  
ex #6498   妻の病気をきっかけに、家族の結束は再び固まった。  
My wife's illness brought the family back together.  
ex #6499   この劇では導入部をきっかけにストーリーが展開する。 
This introduction sets the stage for the rest of the play.  
ex #6500   その事件をきっかけとして、第二次世界大戦がはじまったといわれる。 
It's said that World War II began in the wake of that incident.  
ex #6501   それをきっかけとしてけんかに加わっていた他の人たちもお互いにトマトを投げ合い始めました。 
This made other people involved in the fight start to throw tomatoes at each other.  
ex #6502   多くのひとが新年を禁煙のきっかけにする 
Many people use the New Year as a trigger to stop smoking.  

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dc implies cause and effect. since A happened, I did B  
dcbut the causeeffect is not as related as with say ので 
PaulOshouldn't this entry be listed under "wokikkakeni" not "okikkakeni" ? (Likewise for "okeikini") 
dcyep! done. 
mikaalso added kikkake - this entry could do with a more conclusive explanation... 
ArchanaIn ex#1144, I wonder if 子供が生まれたのをきっかけに... should be 子供が生まれたきっかけに.... Or, may be I dont know if there is a difference between wokikkakeni and kikkakeni 
bamboo4子供が生まれたのをきっかけに is correct.However, the English version reading "Since I had kids" should read "Triggered by the birth of my child" 
bamboo4In ex.#5718, "Since I am in Japan" should be corrcted to read: "With my being in Japan as a start.." 
Sleepy#5718 I think 日本に住んでいるのをきっけかに is better as natural Japanese. 
Sleepy#5718 sorry I meant 日本に住んでいるのをきっかけに. 
dcI think this is identical to kikkake so one of these should be deleted... 

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