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きり (kiri1)
    Meaning: just, only
    Example: he just drinks coffee
    JLPT Level: 2
    Category: grammar
    Author: dc

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ex #109   今朝コーヒーを飲んだきりで、何も食べてない。 
in the morning, he just drank coffee, and didnt eat anything.  
ex #4629   あなたはどうして一人きりなのですか。 
Why are you alone?  
ex #4630   あなたは昨晩私が彼女と二人っきりでいるところを見つけて、驚いたに違いない。 
You must have been surprised to find me with her alone last night.  
ex #4631   その家で彼女は赤ん坊と二人きりだった。 
She was alone with her baby in the house.  
ex #4633   独りきりの人生など耐えられない。 
I can't face this life alone.  
ex #4634   半分きりでもないよりはまし。 
Half a loaf is better than none.  
ex #5936   上司は一人きりで男性雑誌を読む。 
My boss reads men's magazines by himself.  
ex #7141   大学時代にいつもとなりの席に座っていた内田さんは今ごろどうしているだろう。卒業した翌年に一度会ったきりだ.  
The person Mr.uchida who was sitting besides me in the college days,but i had met him once after completing our graduation.  
ex #8231   彼は両親の一人きりの息子です。  
He is the only son of his parents.  

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    AmatukaI think this example is actually the same as 'kiri2'.
    He drank just the coffee, and stayed in that state (without eating anything).
    bamboo4Right on! 
    mirobrso, in ex #5936, 男性雑誌 is translated as jazz mags???  

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