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っこない [っこない] (kkonai)
    Meaning: Vpm, impossible to
    Example: I cant possibly get a Nobel prize
    JLPT Level: 2
    Category: grammar
    Author: dc

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*If you wish to use this more politely, 「っこありません」is acceptable.

V(minus ます) + っこない

*「できっこない」、「わかりっこない」、or other verbs of possibility are often used.

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ex #273   ノーベル賞なんて、僕は貰えっこない 
I can't possibly get a Nobel prize.  
ex #3208   そんなこと有り得っこない 
Such a thing is impossible!  
ex #4656   その点はまちがいっこない 
There's no mistaking about that.  
ex #4657   私がどんな目にあったか、君にはわかりっこない 
You will never realize what I went through.  
ex #4658   将来何が起こるかなんて、誰にもわかりっこない 
What will happen in the future there is no way anyone could tell.  
ex #4659   彼を彼の弟と間違えっこない 
You can't mistake him for his younger brother.  
ex #8563   頑固な妹はそんなに方法で心が溶けりっこない 
stubborn younger sister, in such a way, his heart melted is impossible.  
ex #8675   プロレスラーには勝てっこないよ! 
No way can I win against a pro wrestler!  

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  • hazu    (this grammar is similar to はずがない [hazu ga/wa nai]) [rubyhatchet]
  • wake    (this grammar is also similar to わけがない [wake ga/wa nai]) [rubyhatchet]
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AmatukaFormed from verb potential -masu base + kkonai
Vpm = Verb potential -masu base.
Mikinote : potential = 可能法
Amatuka → Potential form : Ex. kaku (write) → kakeru (able to write), yomu (read) → yomeru (able to read) and such forms. There is no imperative form for potential verbs. [e.g. You cant say "You! Be able to read!" ;-) ] 
Snakeそりゃそうけど、やっぱり機動戦士翻訳機モビルスーツの方がかっこいい ^_^ 
Mikiそうかの〜(^_^;) 。どっちでもいいけど翻訳機、欲しいな。英語は、苦手。皆さん、さっさと日本語上達してね。 
ええと。。なんでもない (^ ^);``
bamboo4How about 読めろ or 書けろ. Is that not possible?
Mikiこの漢字くらい読めろよ!の「読めろ」ですね。hmm we don't say 読められる but we seem to have derivative words like 読めろ、書けろ. But we can also say このぐらい 歌えろよ or 歌えれよ. What do you explain this? 
bamboo4That's my question to Amatuka-san, when he says There is no imperative form for potential verbs. [e.g. You cant say "You! Be able to read!" ]  
Mikiこのくらい_読め_てよ or 書け_てよ are not potential but imperative form. 読め_ろ、書け_ろでわかれるんじゃない?ろ may be this?(間投助)〔上代語〕文の終わり、または文中の連用修飾語に付いて、感動の意を添えて聞き手に働きかけるのに用いられる。from 大辞林. what do you think? 
bamboo4ろ I think is a particle which attach to the imperative form of verb to show it is an order. It used to be a dialect of Kanto area in the old days, but became popular even in Kyoto during the Middle Ages (12th Century to 16th Century in Japan).
MikiThat means 読め(+ろ)、書け(+ろ) are imperative form of 読む、書く and are not of potential verbs 読める、書ける. With this, you can exaplin 歌え+ろよand 歌えれ+よ(imperative form for potentioal verb, too. The former of dictional form is 歌う and the latter is 歌える(可能動詞). どうでしょうか? 
bamboo4I give up, Miki-san. 読めろ and 書けろ are not proper Japanese but they are the products of the younger generation to begin with. I have no incentive or desire to defend them.
your nameI don't know if they are so called correct Japanese or not. Let's leave them. 
DrJonesMeaning: Not going to... / No chance of... 

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