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これ(此・是・之・惟)、それ(其), あれ(彼) [これ, それ, あれ] (kore, sore, are)
    Meaning: this, that, the other
    Example: this is mine, that is yours and the other is anybody's guess.
    JLPT Level: 4
    Category: grammar
    Author: Amatuka

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The kanji are just given for reference. Kana spelling is normal today.
These words are part of what is called kosoado. The ko, so and a indicate the relation to the speaker, the re turns them into the pronouns for a certain object.
The most important thing to remember is that you cannot these words to say, for example, "I want this apple" = "kore ringo ga hoshii." That is wrong. You can only use them for "I want this."
("this apple" would be "kono ringo")

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ex #634   それはりんごケーキです。[sore ha ringo ke-ki desu. 
That is apple cake.  
ex #635   あれは何のケーキでしょうか。[ are ha nan no ke-ki deshou ka. ] 
I wonder what that cake is [over there] ?  
ex #636   これはイチゴケーキです。[kore ha ichigo ke-ki desu.] 
This is strawberry cake.  

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    Amatukakore : near to speaker
    sore : near to spoken to
    are : far from both speaker and spoken to
    AmatukaThere are more words than these in the 'set'. 

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