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ことがある ([ことがある] )(koto ga aru)
    Meaning: There are times when 動作・状態がときどき起こるという意味
    Example: there are times when Father cooks dinner
    JLPT Level: 2
    Category: grammar
    Author: claytonian

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made of the dictionary form of a verb plus koto ga aru
-ta form + koto ga aru/arimasu means "ever" or "once"
-ta form + koto ga nai/arimasen means "never" or "not once"

I once studied Spanish.

I've never studied Spanish.

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ex #6488   わたしの家では父が夕食を作ることがある 
In my household, there are times when dad makes dinner.  
ex #6489   たいてい私が犬を散歩させていた。しかし最近、妻が散歩させることがある 
I usually was the one walking the dog, but lately there are times when my wife does it.  
ex #6548   チョコレートを食べ過ぎると、鼻血が出ることがある 
When you eat too much chocolate, there are times when you get a nosebleed.  
ex #6728   弟は、バイオリンのコンクールで三位になったことがある 
There was a time when my little brother came in third place at a violin contest.  
ex #6729   考えれば考えるほど解決方法、わからなくなることがある 
There are times when the more you think about it, the less you understand the solution.  
ex #6733   (教室で)ご相談したいことがあるんですが、先生の研究室にうかがってもよろしいですか。 
(In the classroom) There are things I would like to consult you about, is it ok if I stop by your office?  
ex #7025   彼女は親切な人ですが、怒ることもあります。 
She is a friendly person, but there are times when she gets angry too.  
ex #7222   私が眠られないことがある 
There are times when I cannot sleep.  
ex #8598   朝まで友達と話すことがあります。 
I sometimes talk with my friend until morning.  

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    tigertwouldn`t this translate a little better as `there are times when`, sometimes already has a word 時々

    and since the grammar point uses the existance verb ある, including it in the translation makes it a little easier to remember.

    I hope you don`t mind but I made some changes to the above examples.

    nosebleed is a noun so it requires a preposition article
    "solution way" is redundant because a solution is a way
    相談する means to consult, 会話する means to conversate.
    研究室 translates to research room. of course it can also mean the professor`s office, but one would never say "at your professor`s office"
    赤毛Tigertさん: Thank you for translating "a little better" and for "making some changes". I translated #6548 because Chohongsieudieuさん didn't. I am not a Japanese native speaker, neither an English native speaker. This is the reason why I all always put my contributions as suspicious. When you think they are OK, you may turn them to neutral. 

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