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ことだから [ことだから] (kotodakara)
    Meaning: as always
    Example: its him, so he will always finish it
    JLPT Level: 2
    Category: grammar
    Author: dc

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Therefore, it has the meaning of :

"It is therefore typical of he/she to ....,being (serious, ect) all this while"

"Being a (characteristics,e.g. serious) person, it is typical of he/she to..."

"As it is known for his/her 〜, he/she will therefore .... "

"Known for his/her 〜, he/ she will therefore .... "
This is the only acceptable use of this grammar:
N + の + ことだから

The case where A is a person occurs often. B predicts or anticipates the nature or usual circumstances of A.

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ex #251   彼のことだから、すぐにここへ飛んでくるに違いないと思った。 
Since it's none other than him, I think he's sure to scramble over here right away.  
ex #3788   そうゆうことだから彼が来るのは期待できないよ。  
Such being the case, you can't expect he will come here.  
ex #3790   健康は富にまさる。なぜなら前者は後者より大事なことだから 
Health is above wealth, for the former is more important than the latter.  
ex #3792   自分でやったことだから仕方がないね。  
You brought it on yourself, so it can't be helped.  
ex #6108   彼のことだから、きっと最後まで頑張りぬくと思います。 
Because it's him, I think he'll give it his all, right to the very end.  
ex #6111   子供のことですから、そんな難しいことを言ってもわかりませんよ。 
They won't understand if you say something so difficult because they are children, after all.  
ex #6112   のんきなルミのことだから、何も心配していないだろう。 
As easy-going as ever, Rumi's probably not at all worried about anything.  

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Only ex#251 fits into this category of grammar, ex #3788, ex #3790 , ex #3792 all not examples of this grammar pattern, they are こと(事) + だから。Therefore is :

ex#3788 : そういうこと + だから
ex#3790 : 大事なこと + だから
ex#3792 : やったこと + だから
The above 3 examples, こと can be replaced by 事
bamboo4In modern day Japanese, you can say ことだから without using 事. 
rubyhatchet誠 is correct. This grammar only means "as always" when の is used in front of it. The other uses of ことだから, such as the examples that 誠 pointed out, have a different meaning. 

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