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ことなしに ([ことなしに] )(kotonashini)
    Meaning: In examples such as "Without A, I can't do B" where, without Action A, there is no possibility of B 〜(し)ないで、Aの動作をしないでは、Bの可能性はないという内容を表す
    Example: If you don't obtain the permission of the teacher in charge, you cannot change your registered classes
    JLPT Level: 1
    Author: LR

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Ref # Kanzen Master Level 1 - p16 - no.13 

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ex #7858   良いお返事をいただくことなしに、帰るわけにはまいりません 
I cannot return without a good answer  
ex #7859   担当教師の許可を得ることなしに、履修科目の変更はできない。 
Without the permission of the teacher in charge, you may not change your registered classes.  
ex #7860   外相は「真の相互理解に基づく関係は、領土問題を解決して平和条約を締結することなしには構築し得ない」 
The foreign minister said "a relationship built on genuine mutual understanding means that without solving the territorial dispute and completing the peace treaty, we cannot secure construction works"  

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  • nashini    (kotonashini is {verb (dict. form) + kotonashini}
    nashini is {noun + nashini}

    kotonashini expresses things that aren't possible without the preceding clause

    nashini is mostly instructional - "don't come in without knocking", "you can't enter university without the proper forms") [LR]
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