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ことになる [ことになる] (kotoninaru)
    Meaning: To be decided, to be arranged
    Example: It has been decided I will go to new york
    JLPT Level: 2
    Category: grammar
    Author: Amatuka

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ことになる USAGE

Vdictionary form + ことになる
Vない form + ことになる


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ex #787   このレポート、いずれやることになるのだから、今すぐやろう。 
At anyrate this report has got to be done at some point so [might as well] do it now.  
ex #919   すぐに使うことになるシステム。 
The system you're bound to use right away.  
ex #1158   私は来年大阪へ転勤することになった 
It has been decided that I will transfer to Osaka next year  
ex #3704   あすで1週間雨が降りつづくことになる 
It will have been raining for a week by tomorrow.  
ex #3708   あなたにはこの工場の女子職員の管理をしていただくことになるでしょう。  
You'll be in charge of the girl working in this factory.  
ex #7835   主人が仕事で東京にいくことになった 
It has been decided that my husband will go to Tokyo for professional reasons.  
ex #7836   留学することになりました 
It has been arranged that I will study abroad.  

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AmatukaI'm not sure about this example - it may be the same as the standard ninaru. 
MikiYeah, it looks ninaru and kotoninaru is the same.  
AmatukaOK that's all tidyied up - the remaing question is whether 'ninaru' and 'kotoninaru' actually deserve separate entries. 
halxI don't understand example ex #3704 in the context of this grammar point... 
yookosoI also don't see ex [#3704] as fitting this grammar structure. And, I don't know for sure about the JLPT level, but I learned this in an upper basic course which I would guess translates to JLPT 3.  
moomoochooI have found references to this grammar topic in JLPT3 texts. 
tigertI agree with Amataka and Miki.
ことになる is just the になる grammar used with the verb nomilizer V-ruこと.
NihonjinSame as [koto ni naru], we should merge both articles. Which syntax do we use: seperated by space or in one word? 
nandarWatashi wa nihon go no sensei ni yaru koto ni naru.


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