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こととて ([こととて] )(kototote)
    Meaning: because/since - explains the cause or gives a reason for 他でもない〜の(ひと・こと・もの)だから
    Example: Since it was early morning, there wasn't even a dog around.
    JLPT Level: 1
    Category: grammar
    Author: crlane

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Not normally used in speech. A more formal, written word for letters and whatnot. Explains the reason for something with the sense that it is precisely because of (person,thing) that( ).
Because it was early in the morning, there wasn't even a dog around this street that is so lively during the day.
〜のことだから、〜のことなので kotodakara
Ref # Kanzen Master Level 1 - p20 - no.19 
Often used to give reasons for excuses or apologies. 

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ex #7024   何も知らぬこととて、間違いをしてしまいました。 
Since I did not know anything, I ended up making mistake. . .  
ex #7869   店が狭いこととて、お客様には窮屈な思いをさせて申し訳ございません 
We deeply regret making our valued customers feel squeezed due to the narrowness of the shop.  
ex #7870   何も知らぬこととて、失礼を致しました。 
I'm so sorry for my rudeness owing to my ignorance.  
ex #7871   引っ越ししてきたばかりで、辺りの様子も分からないこととて、どうぞ宜しくおねがいいたします。 
We hope you can favour us since we have only just moved and we know nothing of the local conditions.  
ex #7872   今回の転勤は急なこととて、ゆっくりに挨拶にも伺えませんでした。 
I could not stop by to say hello because the current change of job was so hurried.  
ex #7873   何分にも若い二人のこととて、皆様のご指導をよろしくお願い垂オ上げます。 
I ask everyone to kindly provide them with guidance, because , after all the two of them are very young.  

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