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比べものにならない [くらべものにならない] (kurabemononinaranai)
    Meaning: there is no point comparing....
    Example: When we talk about speed, there is no point comparing a plane and a ship.
    JLPT Level: 3
    Category: grammar
    Author: sir_sky

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ex #5375   速さという点では飛行機は船とは比べものにならない 
When we talk about speed, there is no point to compare a plane and a ship.  
ex #5376   食べる量という点では馬は鳥とは比べものにならない 
What a horse eats and what a chicken eats just cannot be compared.  
ex #5389   このほうが比べものにならないほど優れている。  
This is superior beyond comparison.  
ex #5390   私の業績はあなたの業績とは比べものにならない 
Your achievements cannot be compared with mine.  
ex #5391   私の料理などお母さんのとは比べものにならない 
My cooking cannot hold a candle to Mother's.  
ex #8283   バッハの作品は他のバロック音楽とは比べものにならない 
There is no comparison between Bach's compositions and other baroque music.  
ex #8284   芸術的才狽フ点では、 彼女は私とは比べものにならないほど優れている。 
In terms of artistic talent, I really can`t hold a candle to her.  

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  • nikurabete    (other use of 比べる【くらべる】(v1) (1) to compare, (2) to calibrate) [赤毛]
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dcis this really JLPT 2? i havent seen it before... 
sir_skyI first saw it in the grammar section of a Japanese language textbook for intermediate level, and it is a very good textbook. Deosn't it seem to be a JLPT 2 grammar?... 
ness#5375 "plane" 
yuenannieI think in JLPT2, there's Noun+にくらべて

It's to compare between different level
e.g. 兄に比べて、弟はよく勉強する。
Compare to the older brother, the younger brother is more hard working.

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