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くらい〜はない [くらい〜はない] (kurai.....wanai)
    Meaning: A is the most B thing. There is not a more B thing than A is.
    Example: 外国で病気になるくらい不安なことはない。
    JLPT Level: 2
    Category: grammar
    Author: watashi5000

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verb-plain くらい adjective (koto) はない

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ex #3107   外国で病気になるくらい不安なことはない 
There is nothing as unsettling as getting sick overseas.  
ex #3235   鈴鹿に買い物に行くくらいいいことはない。 
There is nothing like going shopping in Suzuka.  
(tamago ouji)
ex #3292   赤ちゃんぐらいかわいいものはない。 
There is nothing as cute as a baby.  
ex #5535   漢字を憶えるくらい難しいことはない 
There is nothing quite as difficult as memorizing kanji.  

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anonex3235 Japanese is somewhat unnatural.Also I feel politeness is inconsistent.
I prefer this "鈴鹿での買い物に勝るものはないと思う。" But to use くらい、、、はない how about this?
bamboo4今さも高くなっただよ sounds like a dialect, amd I don't think that's suitable for this forum. I second anon's suggestion. 
dcI edited the example to remove the last part of the sentence, since it was irrelevant to the grammar. maybe a bit harsh in retrospect...but trying to keep the grammar examples clean and understandable minimum. 
dcis this also "gurai" depending on the speaker's accent? 
MikiI am not sure if there is a rule which of "kurai" and "gurai" should be used. I think both can be used for 「…くらい…はない」. 
LittleFishI'm currently reading "中級日本語" from the Japan Times, and the book says that "xはyくらいです" means "y is about the only x." Maybe it's a different wording, but I'll leave it to more experienced people to make a new entry. 
MikiLittlFish The entry for kurai meaning about is already made. I added See Also. Please have a look. 
SeanIn this usage, kurai, gurai, or hodo can be used. They are all comparitive. I have had this translated as : There is nothing as (adj) as (noun). For example, There is nothing as delicious and cheap as okonomiyaki ( okonomiyaki kurai/gurai/hodo oishikute yasui mono/tabemono ga/ha nai).  
hadvIn ex #5535, I think that 憶える should be replaced by 覚える. 

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