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前に [まえに] (maeni)
    Meaning: before [action]
    Example: before going to the UK
    JLPT Level: 3
    Category: grammar
    Author: dc

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Verb (dictionary form) + まえに
Noun + のまえに

食べるまえに / (たべるまえに) Before eating

行くまえに (いくまえに)Before going

会議のまえに (かいぎのまえに) Before the meeting

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ex #534   あなたが去る前には火を確実に消しなさい。 
Be sure to put out the fire before you leave.  
ex #5239   試験を答える前に、指示を読んでください。 
Before you answer the test please read the instructions first.  
ex #5704   朝ご飯を食べる前に手を洗って 
Wash your hands before eating your breakfast  

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Amatukanoun 前に is a different kettle of fish 
Mikikettle of fish : 困った事態{じたい}、混乱{こんらん}した状態{じょうたい}、事柄{ことがら}、問題{もんだい} 
bamboo4It's also "horse of a different color." 
dcwe don't discrimate against horses of color :) 
dcoops. coloUr 
Mikihorse of a different colo(u)r :
dcbird of a different feather も言う! 
bamboo4Comparing apples and oranges 
BelleI really dunno what u guys are talking about :'( 
MikiBelle, All expressions are similar to 'kettle of fish'. I'd be the only one studying English in this site. hehe f(^_^;) 
GrenI like to say "a different brand of tobacco"
or "from a different planet" and if that doesn`t get the point across, I`ll throw a little "a completely different kind of animal" into the mix........

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