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〜まい [〜まい] (mai-1)
    Meaning: won't (do something)
    Example: I won't tell her
    JLPT Level: 2
    Category: grammar
    Author: dc

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*This grammar has the connotation of resolving not to do something.

V(dict. form) + まい
V(minus ます) + まい
する -> しまい
くる -> こまい

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ex #1178   母に言うと心配するから、このことは母に言うまい 
If I tell my mother she will worry, so I won't tell her.  
ex #4700   もう言うまい。 
I'll say no more.  
ex #4702   行くまいと決めた。 
I decided not to go.  
ex #8087   彼女は慰謝料など払うまいと決心した。  
She chose not to pay the consolation money.  
ex #8088   彼女は寝るまいと決心しました。 
She willed herself to keep awake.  

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    AmatukaNot used in typical spoken Japanese. 
    AmatukaN.B. Derivation of ~まい involves uncertainty - extension to 'negative violition' arrived the same way as the +ve violition did.
    Therefore, literally, it's more like "I probably won't tell ..." "I don't think I'll tell ..."
    JonWhat about a past tense? How would one say: "He wouldn't tell me." ? 
    I don't think there is a past tense of まい version.
    言わないだろう。/ 言わないようにしよう。is more popular spoken style of 言うまい。

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