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まいか ([まいか] )(maika-2)
    Meaning: won't you? agemasen ka
    Example: Won't you give me ~ ?
    JLPT Level: 2
    Category: grammar
    Author: Amatuka

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Vru -> Vrumai/maika

taberu ->tabemai/taberumai

suru -> surumai/sumai/shimai

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ex #495   先生にこの話を君からしてよろしく相談してくれまいか 
Couldn't you, if it's alright, discuss this matter with your teacher?  

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    AmatukaNote different verb form used before まい. 
    AmatukaHmm, not completely sure of the translation on this one ... 
    Mikiそうです。日本語があまい!How about this?
    MikiDid you pick up the translation from Google? Searched by よろしく相談。The sentence is from a letter written in 1916. The Japanese is old.
    …、この話を先生に相談していただけませんか?or 相談していただけないものか? would be modern expression.
    bamboo4まいか or ないか is normally used by a senior person to address his junior. It is not a honorrific.頂けませんか would be the polite form.頂けないものか would be the mordern version of まいか.
    YuriI was taught that this まいか form is also used to express some confusion : whether...or not -- don't know yet.
    ..still considering whether going or not.
    paulblaySame as maika, I think there should not be a separate entry for mai_ka_-2, it should be here under the heading of mai-2. 

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