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まみれ (塗れ) [まにれ] (mamire)
    Meaning: covered in st (名詞+に+まみれる); (名詞+まみれ)
    Example: covered in sauce: ソースまみれ、ソースにまみれる
    JLPT Level: 1
    Category: grammar
    Author: dc

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Is only used for powdery like, or liquid such as blood, dust, oil, etc. Mamire is meant for physical items. However, this physicality can be stretched enough to include things that are related to a physical state such as failure or trends which both of which show the current state of something. Similar to mamire, darake is similar and can be used for both physical and abstract concepts. 

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ex #3326   その子供たちは全身ほこりまみれだった  
The children were covered with dirt from head to foot  
ex #3341   彼は全身泥まみれだった。  
He was covered with mud from head to foot.  
ex #4175   そのナイフは血にまみれていた。 
The knife was covered in blood.  
ex #4176   彼の額はまみれだった。 
Sweat bathed his forehead.  
ex #6696   インドにお互いを色でまみれる祭がある。 
There is a festival of coloring each other in India.  
ex #7246   あの子は泥と埃塗れだった。 
That kid was covered in mud and dust.  

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Mikiそれを言うならば、埃まみれ hokori mamire
I'd rather covered with pride than dust, though.
inevittableIn 4175 「血に」の「に」が必要ですか  
inevittableThis is similar to darake, but mimare is only for liquids or powders like blood or dust, whereas darake can be for these things and things like mistakes, and holes (as in a car riddled with bullet holes). 
tmkaininevittable, I'm pretty sure 4175 needs the に because まみれ is in its verb form and not followed by だ or だった。 

tmkain is absolutely correct; if it was まみれ as in all other examples you could say 血まみれ。「彼の顔が血まみれだった。」「彼の顔が血にまみれた。」
amenyaif I can use mamire with something abstract like love or not. Can I say: "私は今本当に幸せです.回りの人の愛まみれですから。” 

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