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も〜ば [も〜ば] (moba)
    Meaning: Both(,,,,)and(,,,,,)
    Example: She is both pretty and clever,so many people envy her.
    JLPT Level: 2
    Category: grammar
    Author: dc

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This expression is used as positive with positive & negetive with negetive. 

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ex #412   心から始まるあれセックスから始まる愛もある 
If there's love that starts from the spirit, then there is also love that comes from sex.  
ex #5951   嫌いな人もいれ、好きな人もいる。 
If there are people who dislike it, there are also people who like it.  

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    Amatuka(N.B. First 'love' is different word from second 'love'. First implies more of the bouncy-bouncy-fun-fun type ;-) 
    AmatukaNot sure this is the も〜ば you're after. 
    emilyjunoI would have to also suggest that this も〜ば〜 does not exactly translate as "Both(...)and(...)" as written. But more like "If there is/are(...)then there is/are also(...)" like the translations of the examples shown. Is that too complex? Shortcuts are ok, but I think it confuses the real meaning of 〜ば. そう思わない?
    tigertIsn`t this two diffrent grammar structures? Vば is if and 〜も〜も is also. so if 〜も also 〜も
    emilyjunotigert, I am not sure i understand your suggestion. can you explain more?  
    tigertHey emilyjuno,

    What I ment is that Vば is a single grammar point.

    明日までに宿題を出せば 先生が満点くれるかも知らない。
    If I turn in my homework, maybe the teacher will give me a 100%.

    and 〜も〜も is another grammar point meaning also

    today I went to tokyo, my sister and brother also went with.

    that being the case I think it is better to list these entries as examples in their respective grammar points. That way we can save space in the database and avoid multiple entries of the billions of diffrent combinations you can make with the Japanese language.


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