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〜もかまわず [〜もかまわず] (mokamawazu)
    Meaning: dont mind, dont care about
    JLPT Level: 2
    Category: grammar
    Author: newt

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V + にもかまわず
N + にもかまわず

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ex #3201   子供は服がぬれるのもかまわず川の中に入って遊んでいる。 
Without caring that thier clothes get wet, children go into the river and play.  
ex #3202   人の迷惑もかまわず電車の中で携帯電話で話している人がいる。 
There are people who talk on mobile phones without concern for bothering others.  
ex #7211   姉は家族の心配もかまわず危険な冬、山へいこうとする。 
Regardless of my family's worrying, my elder sister is trying to go to the mountains during the dangerous winter.  

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anonis this like 構わない? that always struck me as a strange word, translated as "don't care" but used as "that's fine" in a positive way. 
Mikiそうです。ず here implys negative and those examples can be reaplaced with も構わないで、. 'mind' is tricky for me when it's spoken.  
boytokyoI remember it by the translation 'without regard to'
It sounds more formal, but it works with things like: This company hires regardless of age or experience.
andrewhy is mo used before writing kamawazu? 
ZioMaybe it's used for emphasis? 
ninja_kguess: It's a scope thing... vs は and が it sort of makes sense to use も. は would open up all sorts of possible things, が would be too restrictive. the も would stem from nothing at all AND the original action... just guessing

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