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〜ものだから [〜ものだから] (monodakara)
    Meaning: so, therefore (explaining something unavoidable)
    Example: The dog ate my homework (so) I can't turn it in today.
    JLPT Level: 2
    Category: grammar
    Author: newt

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Can't believe this got uploaded without anyone explaining its usage. You have to ask yourself - if "so..." is all monodesukara means, why not simply use "desukara"?

Monodesukara is used in situations where you're giving a reason why something couldn't be helped, usually something negative - a nanimoshikataganai kind of situation.

For instance, if the dog ate your homework and you were explaining that to your teacher, you'd use monodesukara to finish up giving your reason.

It's used in cases where you're obviously conciliatory due to the unfortunate outcome, but humbly emphasizing that it wasn't your fault.

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ex #3199   家が狭いものですから大きい家具は置けません 
The house is small (narrow) [so / therefore] you cant put big furniture in (it).  
ex #3200   一人っ子なものだからわがままに育ててしまいました。 
It ((s)he) was an only child and so grew selfish  
ex #6576   遅くなってごめんね。道路が込んでいたもんだから 
I'm sorry I'm late, I got caught in a traffic jam.  
ex #6577   上着を脱いでもいいですか。暑いものですから 
Can I take my jacket off? I'm feeling a bit hot.  
ex #8619   僕は何でも嗅げれない。どうやら風邪を引っちゃったよ。ものだから 
It seems I have caught I cold and cant smell anything. ものだから  

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    srobertsonThis is the same as monodesukara 
    olivierThis pattern can be shortened and become もので, also もんで, or もんだから. 
    TelevangelistIf this is truly the same as Monodesukara, the examples need to be replaced. I think we need someone truly bilingual to come in and clean this up. 

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