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もので [もので] (monode)
    Meaning: because of (that thing)
    Example: because I have no savings, can you lend me money
    JLPT Level: 2
    Category: grammar
    Author: dc

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ex #254   初心者なもので 
As I'm a newbie ...  
ex #2894   月謝を払う余裕がないもので、少しお金を貸してくれますか。 
Since I cannot afford to pay my monthly tuition, would you mind lending me some money?  
ex #3058   だって、 高いもん〜! 
But its really expensive!  

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blabbyThis is often used when saying excuses. Shortened to もん in spoken Japanese. I really hate hearing people say this to me. 
Mikisorry, I often use もん... だって暑いんだもん。いらいらするんだもん。;) 
JayI often hear this in the context of a whiney complaint. Several Japanese friends advised me that only children and sometimes women use it and that adult males rarely or never use it (depending on the person). 
sanjiyanI would add that 〜もん is not necessarily always in the context of complaining. However, it is VERY cheeky; using this can absolutely project a bad impression, unless you really are among the bold, frank, and sometimes even careless. (For an example of usage among men, see the Japanese language version of Red Dwarf) 

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