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ものか [ものか] (monoka)
    Meaning: absolutely not...
    Example: I am not going to give up
    JLPT Level: 2
    Category: grammar
    Author: dc

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Expresses strong denial or rejection.
Aな +ものか/もんか/ものですか/もんですか

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ex #268   あきらめるものか。最後までがんばりぬくぞ。 
I am absolutely not going to give up. I will persevere to the end.  
ex #3060   そうはいうけど、わかるものか 
I hear what you are saying, but I would not know about that.  
ex #3065   そんなものか 
That could very well be.  
ex #3066   どんなものかよく調べてみないと判らない。 
I would not know what it is unless I look into it seriously.  
ex #3068   俺の目の黒いうちはそんなことさせるものか 
If you wanna do it, do it over my dead body!  
ex #6565   あんな店、二度と行くものか 
I would never go back to that terrible store (again).  
ex #6566   元気なもんか。くたくただよ。  
I don't feel good at all. I'm exhausted.  
ex #6567   うれしいもんですか。困っているんです。 
I'm not at all pleased. I am not in a good situation.  
ex #8719   どんなことでも、お客さんは強い立場なので、要求など促すもんか。  

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    dcoften used for 反語的 − rhetorical questions 
    dcthis phrase with "mono" really sticks out as very different from the others (monono/monoda) as it contains a strong negative  
    SnakeI can't help myself ^^

    dcfound a few more examples but they dont seem to be inline... 
    halxI think most (all?) sentences by dbx (and one by bamboo4) are just quoted questions and do not belong here. I think the strongly negative ものか needs to be at the end of a sentence, AFAIK. BTW, ものか may be changed to もんか in 話し言葉 or
    ackryi think i agree with halx 
    Kaensthird with halx
    or rather, i suggest creation of the separate entry for 'ものかな' (which seems a better example of what hesitatious "may be" to me)
    jayatimonoka is zettai shinai no koto desu ne.same as mai.
    some of the sentences does not have that nuance i think.
    dccleaned up the irrelevant examples.. 
    tsuruI translate ものか to "As if...?" or "Like I...?" rhetorical denials in spoken English. For example:


    #268[Like_I_would_give up!?_I'm_going_to_fight_to_the_very_end!]
    TetsuzanWhat are the nuances between the usage of ものですか and どころではない?  

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