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むしろ [むしろ] (mushiro)
    Meaning: rather
    Example: rather, I would say the chance is small
    JLPT Level: 2
    Category: grammar
    Author: dc

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He is more sleepy than tired.

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ex #1226   あの人は学者というよりむしろ政治家だ。 
If anything, he is a politician rather than a scholar.  
ex #2946   金持ちになるよりむしろ貧乏でいる方がいい。 
Rather than being rich, I prefer to be poor.  
ex #4982   とてもすばらしい天気だったのでむしろ歩きたいと思った。 
It was so lovely a day that I preferred to walk (Rather than some other means of transportation).  
ex #8289   彼女は女優というよりもむしろ歌手だ。  
She is a singer rather than an actress.  
ex #8290   彼らは外車よりむしろ日本の車を買う。  
They buy Japanese rather than foreign cars.  
ex #8291   公園へ行くよりむしろ動物園へ行きたい。  
We would rather go to the zoo than to the park.  

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AmatukaOften used with より 
bamboo4Note that you would not normally say 貧乏でいるよりもむしろ金持ちがいい, but you would say 貧乏でいるよりも、やっぱり金持ちがいい。 
dcGrammatically yes, but I think the intended meaning was the other way around... Amatuka prefers being poor :) 
bamboo4Now that "Yappari" is official, the "see also" reference makes sense, notwithstanding the fact that Amatuka wants to remain poor. 
dcps in comments you can put another grammar item in square brackets and it will like like: yappari 
bamboo4Like this {yappari]? 
bamboo4No, that can't be it. yappari 
bamboo4Ha! I gotcha!

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