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〜など [〜など] (nado)
    Meaning: and etc.
    Example: and so on
    JLPT Level: 3
    Category: grammar
    Author: dc

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など, which means 'et cetera', 'and so on', is similar to and can be used in conjunction with や, but is generally used to conclude a list of examples, or samples of a potentially larger list. 

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ex #256   彼は失敗などしないと言う。 
He says he is above failure.  
ex #257   私は野球、テニス、バレーボールなどをすることができます。 
I can play baseball, tennis, volleyball, and so on  
ex #3218   お母さん、アップルジュース、コーラ、お茶を買って欲しいんですけど。 
Mum, I want you to buy apple juice, coca cola, tea and things like that.  
(tamago ouji)
ex #5930   鉛筆やペンや消しゴムや本などを買いました。 
I bought pencils, pens, erasers and books and etc.  
ex #6654   彼らは私の年齢、姓名、国籍などを聞きました。 
They ask about my age, my name, my nationality and so on.  

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    AmatukaIn the first example 'and such like' may be implied, but nado is often used in this way without necessarily literally meaning 'and so on', I think maybe it makes the sentence less rigidly precise. 
    AmatukaThe second example is the standard 'list' usage. The particle 'ya' can be used in place of the commas. 
    dc等、、、 is also used as english "etc..." 
    halxなんか and なんて have the same meaning but are colloquial terms. Another usage of those three is when you don't think much of something or contem something. 
    FutaroEx.3218: Isnツエt apple :ringo? 
    MikiApple juice is りんごジュース or アップルジュース. 
    mattakuI think など, like なんて, can also indicates that the speaker is shocked or outraged. I think it's the case in this sentence: かよわいものから りゃくだつなど!
    WeaskerCould など be used after a series of も instead of や?. For example "He stole money, the credit cards, a watch, and other things". お金もクレジットカ−ドも時計も服など盗んだ 

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