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長い、永い ([ながい] )(nagai)
    Meaning: long (length, time) 空間的な幅が大きい。両端間の距離が大きい。時間的な幅が大きい。
    Example: ちちは長い手紙を書きます。
    JLPT Level: 4
    Category: flash
    Author: chadxtiman

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ex #7252   丈の長いコート 
A long coat  
ex #7253   私は切符を買う順番を待つ人の長い列に加えた。 
I joined a long line of people waiting for a turn to buy tickets.  
ex #7254   まだまだ先は長いぞ。 
We have a long way to go.  
ex #7255   翼の長い飛行機 
A long winged airplane  
ex #7256   長い交渉の成果 
The product of long negotiations  
ex #7257   これは本当に長いですね。 
This is really long isn't it?  

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    vertebra_pIs there any difference between 長い and 永い, or they are interchangeable? 
    mahousuThat seems to be a popular question on Japanese forums as well. The consensus there seems to be, the root meaning of 永 is "eternal," while 長 is "long" as opposed to 短 (short). So 永 is only used for time, while 長 can be used for time or distance.

    長い is far more common than 永い. The commonest usage of 永い I've seen is 永い眠り, which can mean just "long sleep," but often is used for "eternal sleep," i.e., death.

    alexggDon't understand example with 丈の長いコート. 長いコート is a long coat. What is 丈の for? 

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