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ないばかりか ([ないばかりか] )(naibakarika)
    Meaning: Not only not X, but also not Y. Both can be good things, or both bad. ないだけでなく
    Example: Not only is that route not difficult to navigate, (but) it is also not bumpy.
    JLPT Level: 2
    Category: grammar
    Author: makara

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Because this is "...nai bakari ka", the first clause must be translated in the negative, not the affirmative. "Not only is it not attractive, it isn't even safe." "Not only is it not expensive, (but) it doesn't take up much space, either!" A close relative is "dake de naku," which tends to have the first clause in the affirmative. 

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ex #6550   彼は会社へ来ても仕事をしないばかりか,女性社員としゃべってばかりいる。 
Although he has come to the company, not only does he not work, but about all he's doing is chatting with the female employees  
ex #6810   彼女は歌をよく歌えないばかりかピアノも弾けないなあ。 
Not only is she not able to sing songs well, but she can't play the piano, either.  
ex #8699   このペーパータオルはお値段が高くないばかりか何度も使うことができ、重宝します。 
Not only is this paper towel not expensive, but I can use it a number of times, and it is handy.  

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MikiIs this entry active? "Meaning" doesn't look correct. neg + neg
ex#6550 Japanese make sense.
ex#6810 Japanese does not make sense. suggestion1: 彼女はうまく歌えないばかりかピアノもよく弾けません。
ppmohapatraCompletely agree with MikiSan.
Let me give another suggestion.
MikiSan please review my suggestion.

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