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ないではいられない [ないではいられない] (naidehairarenai)
    Meaning: cannot help but, cannot stop doing
    Example: cannot help but drink alcohol
    JLPT Level: 2
    Category: grammar
    Author: dc

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Vない + ではいられない

*Verbs only! This grammar uses negatives twice to express a very strong positive meaning. For example, "I can't NOT drink." Of course, double negatives are taboo in correct English, so you can use translations such as "cannot help but," "cannot stop -ing," and "cannot help wanting to 〜."

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ex #327   買い物せずにはいられない 
I can't help but buy stuff.  
ex #562   ストレスが溜まった時は酒を飲まないではいられない 
When I get stressed I can't help but drink sake .  
ex #3282   あなたにキスをしないでいられません 
I can't help kissing you .  
ex #5531   あの映画を見れば、だれでも感動せずにはられないだろう。 
Anybody who sees that movie can't help being moved .  
ex #5532   ふられた後で、泣かずにはいられなかった。 
After being dumped, I but couldn't help but to cry.  
ex #5925   彼のもの真似を見るとおかしくて、笑わないではいられない 
If you watch his mimicry, its funny and anyhow (it makes) you laugh.  
ex #6301   私は、捨てられた子犬や子猫を見ると、助けたあげないではいられない 
When I see a stray dog or cat, I can't help but rescue them.  
ex #6302   ダイエットをしているのに、食後には甘いものを食べないではいられない 
Even though I'm dieting, I can't help but eat something sweet after a meal.  
ex #6713   困っている人を見たら、助けずにはいられない 
If I see worried people, I can't help but rescue them.  
ex #6714   決して夢をあきらめない彼の生き方をみていると、私は感動しないではいられない 
When I intend to look his way of life, deciding he won't give up his dreams, I can't help but being deeply moved emotionally.  
ex #8566   失礼ことがあった時に、詫びずにはいられない。 
when there things that are impolite, can not help but to apologize.  

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  • tenaranai    (-tenaranai is used for feelings (can't help feeling) whereas naidehairarenai is more about actions (can't help doing)) [dc]
  • zunihairarenai    (equivalent) [dc]
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drdaveI know this can be argued over, but in most cases, wouldn't the 酒 in ex #562 be understood as "alcohol" (any alcohol), rather than specifically "sake"? I've always heard 日本酒 used for "sake"...
Might be a generational thing, though.
赤毛I give ex#6713 and #6714 because I think this grammar entry is very close of the irarenai one. 
tigertDr Dave, I agree with you on that one, 酒を飲む just means to drink alcohol. so the speaker isn`t specifying what kind he/she is drinking just that he/she drinks whens their stressed.  
emilyjuno>drdave< I agree with you too.
Meanwhile, I am not familiar with this grammar pattern. Can someone confirm a literal translation for me? in other words, can someone tell me if it is 入るor要るor居る...or none of the above.
>赤毛< I am not sure that I can agree with your entries. I think that those are just 可能系 of いる, that is different from this pattern, which uses a double negative for emphasis. It doesn't seem wise to mix examples in just because they seem similar.
赤毛EmilyJunoさん: どうもすみません。I moved my examples to ex 6736 and ex 6737 of entry irarenai. I changed my example #6713 and #6714 so there is a double negative. I used zunihairarenai here instead of in normal entry zunihairarenai but Dcさん and VitorHadadさん did it too. 
PurpleMooseNo big change in meaning, but based on the Unicom JLPT book and taking into account the negative construction of this grammar, maybe "it's hard not to..." would be a better translation of this grammar 

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