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なので [なので] (nanode)
    Meaning: since
    Example: since this is secret
    JLPT Level: 2
    Category: grammar
    Author: dc

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ex #3129   この情報は内々に知らされたものなので、あなたに何も教えることはできない 
This information was given to me in confidence, so I can't tell you anything.  
ex #3131   それは真実なのでいまさら四の五の言ってもはじまらない 
Since it is quite true, grumbling about it now does not get you anywhere.  
ex #3556   あんなに子供が好きなので、スーは先生になるべきだ。  
Liking children the way she does Sue should become a teacher.  
ex #3557   いすをどかしてください。邪魔なので 
Please put those chairs away. As they are in the way.  
ex #3558   イヤホンを頼んだはずなのですが。  
The thing is , I asked for earphones.  
ex #3559   お天気なので、釣りに行きたいような気がする。  
It is a fine day and I feel like going fishing.  
ex #3560   お母さんが病気なので、今日はお父さんが料理をします。  
Because my mother is sick, my father will cook today.  
ex #3561   こういうわけで私はあなたに反対なのです。 
This is the reason I disagree with you.  

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dccan someone explain the difference between this and just node ?
bi-ruI think it is simply that if the clause before node is a noun, such as in this example, then you use 'nanode'. If it is a verb then you only use 'node'.

As far as I know, 'na' seems to be related to the copula 'da', and can be seen in other similar circumstances such as 'nanoni'. Exactly why it changes to na instead of da I don't know.

Contrast 'sou da to omou',and 'sou na node...'
bamboo4な is 連体形 of 助動詞「だ」which inflect as だろ、で、だっ、だ、な、なら but な only connects to particles の、ので、のに.

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