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なさい [なさい] (nasai)
    Meaning: Informal Imperative (request form)
    Example: Sit down.
    JLPT Level: 3
    Category: grammar
    Author: Amatuka

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Drop the ーます from the ーます form and add なさい to make this form. 

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ex #1247   「一人で間違えずに歌える自信のある人だけ座りなさい。」と指示しました 
[The teacher] directed that (just) people who had the confidence that they could sing, on their own, without error should sit down.  
ex #1248   早くしなさい。 
Do it quickly.  
ex #3127   好い加減にしなさいよ。 
Shape up!  
ex #7009   野菜を食べなさい 
Eat your vegetables!  
ex #7010   座りなさい 
Sit down.  

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AmatukaI guess this is half way between a 'polite command' and a 'fairly forceful request'. 
Amatuka[V-masu base] + nasai 
Amatuka'[The teacher]' isn't explicitly in the Japanese version, but the English might look odd without it.

'(just)' wouldn't be natural in the English - the だけ in the Japanese doesn't explicitly tranlate.
MikiThe Japanese translation is quite nice except the tense.
dcthanks, updated.. 
bamboo4In the English version of the first example, perhaps "just those" instead of "(just) people."
Also, I don't know how they do it in schools abroad, but in Japan, the teacher normally says "should stand up" instead of "should sit down."
anonThe coloring in ex #1248 is very confusing. The 'し' looks to be part of '早く', which is not the intention, if I understand correctly. 

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