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なしに ([なしに] )(nashini)
    Meaning: without (the thing "without" is s.t. that should naturally have been there) 〜をしないで • がないままで
    Example: You cannot enter university without the proper forms
    JLPT Level: 1
    Category: grammar
    Author: dc

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Ref # Kanzen Master Level 1 - p17 - no.17 
Ref # A Dictionary of Advanced Japanese Grammar p363 
nashi ni is usually used in written Japanese or in formal spoken Japanese 
when wa follows nashi ni, the final predicate has to be negative. 
before nashi ni can be either a noun or a "koto"-nominalized noun phrase 

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ex #4122   あなたのおもてなしにはどんなに感謝しても感謝しきれません。 
Your hospitality cannot go unthanked.  
ex #4123   この辞書なしには済まされない。  
I can't do without this dictionary.  
ex #4124   その取り決めは、予告なしに変ることがある。 
The arrangements are subject to change without notice.  
ex #4125   だれも努力なしには何事も成し遂げられない。  
No one can achieve anything without effort.  
ex #4126   なんの気なしに言っただけで、別に悪気があってのことではありません。  
I just said so without thinking much about it. I didn't mean anything serious.  
ex #4127   ぶどう酒なしには一日も過ごせない、と彼は言う。  
He says he can't go without wine even for a day.  
ex #7865   男たちは何の許可もなしに事務所のコンピュータを勝手に使ってた。 
The men were using the office computers without permission  
ex #7866   一切の政治権力なしに人々の自由を実現することは、はたして可狽ネのだろうか。 
I wonder if people's freedom can be realized without any political power  

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  • kotonashini    (kotonashini is {verb (dict. form) + kotonashini}
    nashini is {noun + nashini}

    kotonashini expresses things that aren't possible without the preceding clause

    nashini is mostly instructional - "don't come in without knocking", "you can't enter university without the proper forms") [LR]
  • nakushite    ((X) nashi ni (wa) is close in meaning to (X) nakushite (wa). nashi ni could replace nakushite in some cases:

    However the reverse is not true - since nashini means "without doing s.t. that should be done in advance"
    Advanced grammar dictionary - p317) [LR]
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AntonioI guess this would be the noun version of Vn-zu (not doing something)? 
shijinwhat does o-motenashi have to do with the suffix (?) 'nashi'? 
MikiNothing. #4122 おもてなし does not fit to this entry. 
Agreed. omotenashi = hospitality.
ex #4122 can be translated literally as:
For your hospitality, I cannot completely express my gratefulness no matter how I thank you.
ashitaPlease tell me why in ex #4123 we use 済まされない?
I think i should be 済ませない。Please help me!!

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