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にあって [にあって] (niatte)
    Meaning: being in/due to/suited to
    Example: due to the confusion
    JLPT Level: 1
    Category: grammar
    Author: dc

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Noun + にあって

often used to with situation that has a time span. "At the time that" or "under the circumstances of..."

いる to be: → "being in"
Ref # Kanzen Master Level 1 - p66 - no.60 
formal, written, used to emphasize (the significance of?) a situation one finds oneself in. Conjunctive phrase that can lead to either resultative or contradictory final remark. 
(usually you would use alternative phrases like 〜で、〜において nioite) 
Ref # 例文で学ぶ日本語阜サ文型辞典: 英・中・韓対訳付き p232 no.201
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ex #4234   幼児期にあって、彼はストレスの多い状況を経験した。 
As an infant, he underwent a stressful situation.  
ex #4235   この核時代にあっては、世界中どこの国だって安全ではない。  
No country under the sun is safe in this nuclear age.  
ex #4237   その行いが神にあってなされたことが明らかにされるためである。」  
So that it may be seen plainly that what he has done has been done through God.  
ex #4238   その宝はまだ森の中にあって、そこの木の下に埋めてある。  
The treasure is still in the forest, where it is buried under a tree.  
ex #4239   それは信じるものはみな、人の子にあって永遠の命を持つためです。  
That every one who believes in him may have eternal life.  
ex #5085   自然がいつもそこにあって私たちを助けてくれることを当然だと思ってはいけない。  
on't take it for granted that the nature is always there to help us.  
ex #5087   日本は完全に近代化したという点で、アジア諸国の中にあって独特の存在である。  
Japan is unique among the Asian countries in having modernized completely.  
ex #5088   彼の家は丘の中腹にあって、見晴らしがすばらしい。  
His house stands on the hill-side and commands a splendid view.  
ex #5089   彼は混乱のただ中にあっても冷静だ。  
He is cool amid confusion.  
ex #5091   彼女のドレスは私の趣味にあっていない。 
Her dress is not to my taste.  
ex #5094   豊かさの中にあっても餓死する人がいるのは残念なことである。  
It is a pity that some people starve to death even in the midst of plenty.  
ex #6191   数学は高度情報社会にあって、必要な教養となっている。 
Mathematics, in such a highly information orientated society is a necessary field of study.   
ex #7793   彼女はどんな逆境にあっても、決して希望を失わなかった。  
She never lost hope, even in times of adversity.  

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dcrelated to a situation.. 状況にあって 
dcI think it usually にあっては, which is similar to においては or では
but still とあって is usedin this form: tell the circumstances.
Miki#4237, #4239 These sentences come from ヨハネの福音書 3 (John 3). 
Miki#5081, #5082, #5083, #5084, #5086, #5090, #5092, #5093, #5095 are not for this entry.
に + a form of あう
Miki#5091 is missing "my". 彼女のドレスは_私/自分の趣味にあっていない。
dccorrected/deleted. will remove comments soon too. 
OlivierI assume that example #4234 should read as follow: 児時期にあって心に受けた傷は、生涯トラウマとして心に残りつずけるそうだ。 
MikiOlivier, It shouldn't be 児時期. 幼児期 youjiki is fine.
つづける 続ける
But English says something like 幼児期にあって、彼はストレスの多い状況を経験した。
mochabeanI've changed #4234 to Miki's verion, since the original was an incomplete sentence and Miki's reworking still contains the grammar point. 
seanohaganI'd like to suggest that the religious sentences be removed. 4237 and 4239. Sentences should probably reflect Japanese culture and Christianity is not a major element. 
balitungThe meaning "being suitable" is not in this context. That comes from 似合う (niau). For example:

You look good in red.
mdobrinI actually find the religious grammar useful, since it is a translation. Thanks for the good examples. 
LRThese are the parts of Japanese grammar that I hate the most - the ones which are in no way distinctive by sound or meaning and have some vague use that you may or may not get right after some 10 years of study... :-S 

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