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に至って ([にいたって] )(niitatte)
    Meaning: Once [things have] reached the point at which...; (Only) now that it has come to this... 程度が普通の状態をこえているさま。大変。非常に。
    Example: Expresses that it is already late in the game. // in an extreme instance //at this moment [point] (in time)
    JLPT Level: 1
    Category: grammar
    Author: dc

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ex #5300   破産しそうで破産に至っていない人  
someone who is on the verge of bankruptcy but hasn't been through bankruptcy  
ex #5301   学生達も受験を目前にするに至って、やっとやる気になった。  
When the university students reached the stage of their exams, they finally got motivation.  
ex #5302   いじめによる自殺が社会問題化するに至って、やっと文部省は重い腰を上げた。  
Suicide due to bullying has reached the level of being one of society’s problems. Therefore, finally the ministry of education has decided to act.  
ex #7795   大地震で何千人もの死傷者を出すに至って、やっと危機管理の重要性が叫ばれるようになった。 
It took thousands of earthquake casualties before the importance of crisis management could finally be called for.  
ex #7796   腹心の部下が辞めてしまうに至って、社長は自分の非に気づいた。 
It took his closest confident resigning before the company president awoke to his own fault.  

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blabbyI think a good translation for this would be "When it reaches the level/stage of..".
My book says it is used for an extreme situation (極端な状態).
dcdo you have any examples? 
blabbyAccording to this excellent resource,

We get this explanation 「〜になる」を更に強調した表現
murasaki1506In my opinion, this [に至って] is come from [に至る]. So,I agree with blabby's examples. 
aesI think the very or extremely meanings are usually for「に至っては」. 

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