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にかけては [にかけては] (nikaketewa)
    Meaning: regarding, about, concerning
    Example: I don't know much concerning the laws.
    JLPT Level: 2
    Author: va_tei

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N + にかけては 

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ex #7087   卓球にかけては弟におよばない 
Concerning table tennis, my skill is not as good as my little brother's.  
ex #7088   法律にかけては私はよくわからない 
I don't know much about laws.  
ex #7801   わが社の製品は知名度は低いものの、性狽フ良さにかけては世界の最高水準だ。 
Although our company's products may not get a lot of publicity, the quality of their performance meets the world's highest standards.  

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    TetsuzanCan someone explain what are the nuances between: にかけては・に関して・について? Does にかけては have more of a competitive connotation? I've seen most sentences with this grammar seem to have to do with competition or comparisons.

    missshapooooAbout nuances between these 3 patterns. Firstly,に関して and について are absoulutely the same (=about, concerning) except for the former is used in formal speeches, reports, TV news, on paper etc. So when we speak, search, know...ABOUT smth we use them.
    Speaking about にかけては it is more like についていえば. So yes, these three patterns can have the same meaning in case when we speak about N. But also the nuanse in first to patterns and にかけては is that in case of the latter one, after pattern there goes some statement concerning N, but in case of the former ones these patterns are just a conjucture for direct object (N).
    kiraeeI'm just a student. But the closest definition of にかけては that applies for all the examples I've seen in class is "when it comes to". 

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