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名詞が名詞に代わって ([めいしがめいしにかわって] )(nikawatte)
    Meaning: use Nounが instead of Nounに これがそれに代わって
    Example: instead of this, use that
    JLPT Level: 2
    Category: grammar
    Author: dc

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meishi + ni kawatte 
the base of this grammar point is the polite request form [V-てform ください]

the dictionary form of かわって is かわる which means to substatute or to change from one thing to another.


今日は 大嫌いケーキが私の一番好きなのにかわりました。

Today, My favorit cake was substatued with one I hate.

The basic form of this is
Noun+ga Noun+ni kawaru

Noun+に was replaced by Noun+が

In order to change this to a request we simply change kawaru to a request form

代わって 下さい Please substatute it

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ex #55   ここでは、人間にかわってロボットが作業をしている。 
Here, instead of humans, robots are doing the work.  
ex #102   社長にかわって私が会議に参加しています。  
In place of the president, I am attending the meeting.  
ex #3476   ジムは、ベティーにかわって手紙を書いた。 
Jim wrote the letter for Betty.  
ex #3477   私があなたにかわって全て行いますから、あなたはただここで待っているだけでいいのです。 
I'll do everything for you, so you have only to wait here.  
ex #6523   戦後になってガラスにかわってプラスチックが出てきた。 
After the war plastics became available replacing glass.  
ex #6781   マッチにかわって、ライター使われています。 
Lighters are now used instead of matches .  
ex #6782   [私が]課長にかわって、お詫びいたします。 
I apologize on behalf of the section manager .  
ex #6783   入院した先生にかわって、今は新しい先生授業をしている。 
Now, a new teacher is giving the lessons, on behalf of the one who entered the hospital.  
ex #7776   ここでは、人間にかわってロボットが作業をしている。  
In this place, robots are operating instead of humans.  
ex #7777   首相にかわり、外相がアメリカを訪問した。 
Replacing the prime minister, the minister of foreigner affairs visited United States.  

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anonbased on the examples, it seems that the description "instead of" isn't complete, maybe you should ad "for" or would it be more accurate to say "for the benefit of person"? 
anonActually i consulted a native speaker, and apparently kawarini is mainly used for an "on behalf of" type phrase, whereas nikawatte is mostly for "instead of".
However, the examples we have here only seem to give the "on behalf of" sense...
scorduanIt sounds like "in the place of" captures the nuances best, as translated in sentence 2. It's substitutionary.

Here, in the place of humans, robots are doing the work.

Jim wrote the letter, in Betty's place.

I'll do everything in your place, so you only have to wait here.
FritzIn the examples above, the に noun is the one that gets replaced. But the "Meaning" and "Notes" sections (at the time when I am writing) say that the に noun does the replacing (that the が noun gets replaced). From what I have seen elsewhere, the examples are correct, and the explanations have it backwards. 
edwinbradfordAnon, according to my text book its the other way around. nikawatte is "On behalf of" as in example #6782 above, kawarini is "instead of". Hope that helps. 
khyronFritz: Entry updated to correct the description of the が and に grammatical usage in the topic summary. 
Makai no KitsuneSorry, just added one that was alread there.  
Makai no Kitsune[#3477] On this example, wouldn't be better to change ここで待っている to ここに待っている?  
bisdakI believe the last note [Please substitute it.]should be “替えてください。”(Kaete kudasai) or “。。。に替えてください。”
“代わってください。” means Please take my place. or Please change places.

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