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にきまっている [にきまっている] (nikimatteiru)
    Meaning: (It's been) decided; expected; definitely
    Example: He'll definitely lose the match.
    JLPT Level: 2
    Category: grammar
    Author: dc

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*This is a strong way of saying something clearly.

V(plain form) + にきまっている
N + にきまっている
いA + にきまっている
なA + にきまっている

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ex #266   著作権の侵害に決まってるだろーが 
Guess this has gotta be copyright violation but ...  
ex #1166   彼は負けるに決まっている 
He will definitely lose.  
ex #3725   そんな子供じみた計画は失敗するにきまっている 
Such a childish plan is bound to fail.  
ex #3726   冗談を言っているにきまっている 
You must be joking.  
ex #6322   彼は怠け者にきまっている。彼が働いているところを見たことがない。  
He's definitely a lazy bum. I've never seen him working.  
ex #6323   先月結婚した息子の家に行きたいけれど、私が行けば邪魔になるにきまっているので、行かないことにします。 
Although I want to visit my son who got married last month, I'll definitely be in the way if I go, so I've decided not to.  

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jrebongWhat is the difference between the two?
 1. 壊れかねない -
 2. 壊れるに決まっている -
The meaning overlaps to a degree (Well, maybe one is stronger than the other)
jayatikanenai has a nuance of capability but kimatteru is definite...
kanenai is -might break (coz it is not strong or is old) if something is done
kimatteru is-will definitly break coz it is a second hand material(it must have been used a lot)
thats wat i feel.Pls correct me if am wrong.

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