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に応えて [にこたえて] (nikotaete)
    Meaning: in response to
    Example: in response to consumer demand...
    JLPT Level: 2
    Category: grammar
    Author: dc

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N + にこたえて
N1 + にこたえる + N2

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ex #193   わが社は消費者のニーズに応えて新製品を開発しました。 
in response to consumer demand, our company has developed a new product.  
ex #5807   社員の要求にこたえて労働時間を短縮した。 
In response to employees demand, the working hours are reduced.  
ex #6324   「医者になってほしい。」という親の期待に応えて、彼は医者になった。  
In response to his father's hope, "I want you to become a doctor," he became one.  
ex #7164   学生の希望 にこたえて,図書館は夜10時まで開けられることになった。 
In response to students wishes, the library will be opened at until night 10 o clock.  

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    kimchi314The above example should really be に応えて. 応 such as 回答 involves answering questions whereas 応 such as 応じる or 対応 means to respond to, to deal with. As proof, comparing google results for ニーズに答えて and ニーズに応えて reveils 2,000 vs 27,000 results. 
    kimchi314Oops, typo in the above. I meant 答 such as 回答 
    dcseems you are right, that was a typo in the original kanji input.
    に答えて → 応えて fixed.

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