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における・おいて [における・おいて] (niokeru)
    Meaning: at, in, as for
    Example: the progress IN science / occur AT the hotel
    JLPT Level: 2
    Category: grammar
    Author: dc

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used as ni okeru

used for places and fields

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ex #551   来年の総会はロンドンにおいて行われる。 
Next years general meeting will be held in London  
ex #1197   医学における進歩は素晴らしい 
The progress in medical science is amazing.  
ex #1198   試験は会議室において行われた 
The examination took place in the conference room.  
ex #1199   このにおいて私と彼とは意見が食い違っています 
As for this point, my opinion differs from his  
ex #3272   海外における諸情勢 
The situation that is overseas (from Japan)  
ex #3275   極限状態においては、すべての人が協力し合うという同じ反応が起きると、私は信じている。 
In an extreme situation, I believe that the same reaction would take place in terms of all the community pulling together.  
ex #8340   マーチン・ルーさー・キングは英国における黒人の指導者であった。 
Martin Luther King was the leader of the black people in America.  

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    Mikiex#1199 it would be 私と彼の instaed of 私わかれと. We also say この点において、私と彼と 意見が食い違っています 
    MikiUnlike に於いて and に於ける、に於いては implies assumption. 
    adamstudioCould a native speaker kindly explain why this goes beyond the simple place particle に? Also, I had thought that おいて implies a sense of "for future convenience" -- is that true? Many thanks. 
    DrJonesRather than に, the meaning of における should be the same as the particle で according to my books. The difference is that において/における comes from 置く (to place, to put) so it has the nuance "things happen in this context/place". Is also more formal and less ambiguous than に/で. 

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