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に従って; に従い ([にしたがって; にしたがい] )(nishitagatte; nishitagai)
    Meaning: following; in accordance with; as 〜, accordingly; in proportion to とともに; につれて; に伴って
    Example: As our income increases, our expenditure increase accordingly.
    JLPT Level: 2
    Category: grammar
    Author: dc

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*V(nonpast dict. form) + に従って/に従い is used to express that something beyond human control takes place simultaneously with something else that goes on. The verbs in both main and subordinate clauses do not express a momentary action, but a continuous process. See example #6351.
*In the case of N + に従って/に従い, the previous note is not applicable. When used after a noun, this construction expresses that what occurs is momentary or non-spontaneous. See example #6350.
*This grammar CANNOT be preceeded by an adjective or the copula verb (だ/です). Preceeding verbs must be nonpast.
*従い is used in written Japanese whereas 従って is used in both written and spoken Japanese.

V(dict. form) + に従って/に従い
N + に従って/に従い

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ex #552   予算が不足している。したがってこの計画は実行できない。 
The budget is insufficient. Accordingly, this plan cannot be implemented.  
ex #553   南に行くにしたがって気温が高くなる。 
As you go further south, the temperature gets warmer.  
ex #1200   私の指示にしたがって下さい。 
Please follow my instructions  
ex #5999   経験を積むにしたがって給料があがる  
The salary goes up as the experience is acquired.  
ex #6350   契約に従い、雇用期間を三年とする。  
In accordance with the contract, your tenure is three years.  
ex #6351   収入が増えるに従って、支出も増える。 
As our income increases, our expenditure increases accordingly.  
ex #7147   医学が進歩するにしたがって平均寿命が延びた。 
Extended life expectancy according to medical advances.  
ex #7780   高くにしたがって、見晴らしがよくなった。 
As high up we climbed, the visibility got better.  
ex #8344   彼女は私の忠告に従って退学しなかった。  
She took my advice and didn`t drop out of school.  
ex #8345   わが社は労働者の安全に関する政令に従って操業している。  
Our company conforms to government regulations on worker safety.  
ex #8346   法に従って  
Work by the rules  
ex #8347   彼の希望に従って  
In compliance with his wishes  

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dcthere are a few other phrases like this, where verb and noun have different effects. see explanation on totomoni 
dcsometimes in kanji too: に従って  
dcsee totomoni for some similarities and explanation 
AmatukaNot sure what you mean by "verb and noun have different effects" 
MikiThe second example 従って should be 接続詞 conjunction. Other exampels are transformation of verb 従う. 
QuoboboI think the "Please do it according to the manner I showed you" example could be shortened to "Please do it as I showed you". All the examples I've seen with nishitagatte could be translated as "as". It seems somewhat different if you don't use it as a conjunction though. 
dcfeel free to edit... I agree although it is a bit of a pompous expression in japanese too perhaps. 
bamboo4I agree and changed the example. 
bamboo4Miki-san is correct. We are mixing apples and oranges here.  
Ya, i agree that some examples that doesn't mean "following , に従って" got mixed up here.
I think ex #552 is considered ok under this category, although it doesn't use にin front of 従って. That doesn't matter since the meaning is the same. Well, u can say "Accordingly" or " Following that" here.
But for ex #1200 is actually に + 従って of the verb 従う - " follows " . so this example got mixed up in this category.
kainisex #7780:高く登るに従って

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