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〜にしたら [〜にしたら] (nishitara)
    Meaning: if (one had) 〜's perspective
    Example: if (one had) the firm's perspective, low wages are good
    JLPT Level: 2
    Category: grammar
    Author: dc

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ex #356   にしたら、私のようなうるさい姉はいやでたまらない。 
From my brother's point of view, a fussy elder sister like me is unbearable.  
ex #5257   わたしにしたらアメリカの冷たいビールよりイギリス生ぬるいビールがおいしい。 
For me warm English ale is more delicious than cold American beer.  
ex #6352   経営者にしたらボーナスは安いほうがいいが、社員の身にしたら1000円でも高いほうがいい。  
From the manager's point of view, a smaller bonus would be better, but from the employee's point of view, even 1000 more yen would be better.  
ex #6353   この階段は、私にはたいしたことはありませんが、足の弱い人にしたら、とても大変だろうと思いますよ。 
I've never disapproved of this stairway, but if I were someone with weak legs, I think I'd probably have a difficult time.  
ex #7091   子供にしたら、博物館めぐりはつまらないだろう。 
Looking around museums is probably boring for kids.  

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AmatukaHmm, I think I'd have "If I was my brother I'd be unable to bear a fussy elder sister like me." 
bamboo4You normally would say 弟からしたら, while 弟にしたら is more or less awkward.
g12what is the difference between karamiru to and nishitara?

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