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〜にして [〜にして] (nishite)
    Meaning: only; because of that
    JLPT Level: 1
    Category: grammar
    Author: dc

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other similar meanings:

dake だけ only:
 a thing only a scholar could do

dakara だから so
 he is a scholar so he could do it

dakarakoso だからこそ due to/because of
 because he is a great scholar he could do it

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ex #5146   かれはノーベル賞に値する研究を成し遂げた。これは、偉大な科学者にして初めてできることであろう。  
He worked hard to execute Nobel Prize level research. This was the something only a great scholar could achieve.  
ex #6138   留学生にして日本に行った。 
Only as a student did I go to Japan.  
ex #6139   90歳 にして彼はいまだに驚くほど元気である。 
At the age of ninety he still has surprising vigour.  
ex #7814   これは長年訓練を積んだ彼のような人にして初めてできる技だ。 
This is a skill that only a person with long-term training such as he can pull off.  

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    dc#5146: can someone check please? 
    Miki#6138 The Japanese is weird. 留学生として日本に行った。 is better. That means this example does not fit to this entry. 
    Miki#5146 The Japanese looks ok. Usually the expression is used as written language. Simpler expression is これは、偉大な科学者であって初めてできることであろう。 
    Miki#6139 For your reference, this にして is different from the entry.  
    masakitenchiI saw a contrary example:
    It means "even if" here.

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