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に相違ない [にそういない] (nisouinai)
    Meaning: Nobody argues; definitely; without a doubt
    Example: That's definitely the same color as the fabric.
    JLPT Level: 2
    Category: grammar
    Author: dc

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*This expression is nearly interchangeable with に違いない. However, に相違ない is a more formal expression.

V(plain form) + に相違ない
N・なA + (である) + に相違ない
いA + に相違ない

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ex #421   あの「女」の人はに相違ない 
That 'woman' must be a guy.  
ex #5462   時間も予算も十分ではない。この計画の実行は困難に相違ない 
The time and budget for this is insufficient. This plan will definitely be difficult to put into action.  
ex #5463   彼は有能であるから、この選挙で当選するに相違ない 
He's got the skills, so he'll definitely be elected this election.  
ex #5464   彼は天才であるに相違ない 
Without question, he's a genius.  
ex #6843   仰ることは、事実に相違ありません 
What you have said probably amounts to the truth.  
ex #6853   彼女はこの惑星に一番かわいい女であるに相違ない 
Without a doubt, she is the most attractive woman on this planet.  
ex #7166   まじめなあの人のことだから、時間どおりに来るに違いない. 
He is a serious person,so he will be come on the time.  
ex #8351   上記の通り相違ありません。  
(In documents)I declare that the information I have provided the above is true and correct to the best of my knowledge.  
ex #8352   きっと彼が告げ口をしたに相違ない 
Without a doubt, he tattled on me.  

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dcits much more formal than に違いない but basically same meaning.  
Miki#6853 not この惑星に. It shoulbe この惑星で. But the content and 相違ない doesn't sound fit for me. Maybe just 違いない is better in this case. 
DrJonesLiteral translation: Nobody argues that ~ 

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